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For health and wellness fitouts, we understand that creating a welcoming environment for your clients is vital. Including gyms, fitness centres, spas, and other facilities, we inspire our designs with the physical activity, relaxation, or well-being you are pursuing.

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Accent Group | Auckland
Wise Group Office | Hamilton
Morrow Street Clinic | Newmarket


With features like comfortable seating and a relaxing atmosphere, we organise salon fitouts with specialised designs for each business. Filling the space with a range of equipment for hair styling, we complete each salon with styling chairs, wash basins, storage for hair products or tools, and mirrors. Our designs intend to establish a comfortable and inviting area conducive to providing high-quality customer service.


Our gym fitouts organise a complete overhaul of the space, implementing a functional and inviting gym/ fitness facility. We are equipped for each process stage, beginning with planning the use of your space, ensuring we feature the types of equipment and amenities you desire and perfectly achieve your preferred overall aesthetic of the gym. We arrange for equipment selection and purchase, installation, and finishing touches such as inspirational wall graphics, plants, or posters.


The ultimate goal of our spa fitouts is to establish a space that is both functional and relaxing, offering a soothing environment for clients to unwind and recharge. From designing a layout that allows for accessibility and a variety of services and treatments like massage rooms, saunas, and relaxation areas, to filling the space with calming colours and natural aesthetics, our design team is well-equipped to service your project.

Delivering enhanced customer experience through exceptional design implementation.

Delivering enhanced customer experience through exceptional design implementation.

Why Health & Wellness Fitouts?

Are you trying to establish a space that promotes health and well-being? Our health and wellness fitouts can take many forms, but all have the goal of providing a comfortable environment for people to engage in activities that promote physical and mental health.

We specialise in designing and building health and wellness fitouts for a wide range of clients, working closely with customers to meet their specific needs with high-quality materials and finishes. Helping bring your vision to life, we have the products and expertise to create a place that is both beautiful and functional. Don’t settle for a dull and uninspiring health and wellness space. Let Fitout Solutions help you create a fitout that inspires and motivates.

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At FSL Constructions and Interiors, we are open to any challenge to create your next space.