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Commercial Fit Out

commercial fit out
commercial fit out

The Retail Fitouts we provide are focused on optimising our clients’ space. We can enhance the public image of your business, realising a concept as close to your vision as possible to increase revenue potential. With high-end and luxury spaces prominent in our portfolio, we excel in fine attention to detail for local and international clients.

Service Name

Coin Singing Booth | Auckland
Wise Group Office | Hamilton
Morrow Street Clinic | Newmarket
Faradays | Parnell

Clothing & Apparel Fitout

Working with you to create a floor plan that maximises your space and showcases your clothing and apparel products in the best light, we will help you choose the right displays and fixtures to make your space both functional and attractive.


Let our team of experts help create an inviting and functional grocery shopping experience for your customers, making their shopping easy and enjoyable. From shelving and fixtures to on-brand displays, we have you covered.


Hoping to build a stunning showroom for your products? At FSL Construction & Interiors, we have years of experience working with a wide range of clients across various industries. With a custom-designed showroom, you can increase sales and customer engagement, and have it all organised with the convenience of our FSL Construction & Interiors team handling all aspects of the project.


Do you need a one-of-a-kind entertainment space to keep your customers coming back for more? Our team at FSL Construction & Interiors are skilled in designing and installing custom fitouts for karaoke, games and activity centres, turning venues into must-see destinations.

Delivering enhanced customer experience through exceptional design implementation.

Delivering enhanced customer experience through exceptional design implementation.

Why Retail Fitouts?

FSL Construction & Interiors’ retail fitouts can elevate your company to the next level, allowing you to maximise space and upgrade ageing facilities with modern aesthetics. With practical, contemporary design, we help develop your environment’s aesthetics and style.

With a retail fitout solution, you can utilise space more efficiently. Establish unique, sophisticated branding, and fill your retail area with style and culture. We are competent when it comes to installing modern equipment and technology, meaning that every retail fitout is efficient and presents an upmarket feel for clientele.

Have something in mind?

At FSL Constructions and Interiors, we are open to any challenge to create your next space.