11 May 2023

Workplaces That Increase Employee Productivity and Retention

Workplaces That Increase Employee Productivity and Retention

Excellent workplace design can truly improve the happiness and productivity of your staff members and can even improve employee retention. Well-designed spaces are more likely to be healthier, more comfortable environments and will thus make your workplace a more functional place. 

When your employees are comfortable, they’ll be more productive, and your business will function smoothly. Aside from critical qualities like teamwork and communication, key design features can also affect your and your team’s well-being.

A workplace design that incorporates essential elements like a creative layout, pleasing colours, live plants, smart sound design, and more may do more for your team and your business than you might think.

How Does Your Workplace’s Layout And Design Correlate To Productivity?

Think about it – do you think you’d be more happy and productive in a bland, cluttered area or a gorgeously-designed modern workspace that’s well taken care of? A great workspace that was created with your business’s goals in mind will encourage your employees to work hard every day. 

Giving your staff members a customised space shows them that you don’t just care about the work they put out; you also care about their comfort and well-being. A beautiful office can make your employees feel seen, valued and cared for. 

Employees who know that their employers truly care for them are more likely to put passion and effort into their tasks. A vast majority of workers state that they’d prefer a healthier work environment with ergonomic design elements, wellness areas, various options and more.

Team members who can work in a smartly-constructed environment are often more engaged with their work, more creative with their solutions and have an easier time focusing on what’s important. This can clearly lead to more efficient work days and far less stress for everyone involved.

What You Can Do To Improve Your Workplace

Every business is different, so every workplace is different. What works for an office space down the street from yours may not be ideal for your team and vice versa. 

So, the smartest thing you can do to find the perfect layout for your specific work is to work with a company that offers professional fitout services. We at Fitout Solutions will use our knowledge and expertise to develop an office layout that is perfectly tailored to your business and your team.

What works best for your team will depend on the type of work you do every day, the size of your space, how many staff members work in your space and so on. 

Of course, there are certain key design qualities that can do well in nearly any office or workplace. You can speak with us to discuss your options regarding the following, which can contribute to employee productivity and retention:

  • Creative, Modern Interior Design. Employees want to work in spaces that are interesting and aesthetically pleasing. Your design team should understand contemporary interior design so that they can creatively use colour palettes and furniture to their advantage. They should use their assets smartly and understand the balance between a design that’s meant to look incredible and a design that’s meant to be practical.
  • Wellness Rooms. Work can be stressful, regardless of other factors. Consider having wellness rooms or areas in your space to give your hardworking staff members a place to have breaks.
  • Inviting Lounges. Many businesses that regularly interact with clients, partners or visitors in their offices have dedicated lounges where these meetings can happen. These spaces can help create a comfortable, welcoming environment for your guests. 
  • A Smart Usage Of Greenery. Plants can make an office feel more vibrant and alive, which in turn can make your employees happier with their work environment. Choose plants that can do well in your space, look lovely and don’t require excessive care. 

Our project managers can assist you with all of the above-listed items and more. We will take your details into account to create a solution that’s specifically meant for you. 
Naturally, there are simple things you can do to improve your workplace flow after we’ve worked with you and your office is already enhanced. Please be sure you keep your work area clean and cared for by ensuring your employees pick up after themselves and do their part to reduce clutter in the office. Messes and disorganisation have been shown to make work environments more stressful, so working together to reduce everyday clutter is a must. Additionally, please ensure any plants in your office are cared for properly.

One Simple Step You Can Take To Enhance Your Office

You can start your path towards a better, more productive place of work with one straightforward step – call our team at Fitout Solutions. Our goal is to create a layout that’s absolutely perfect for your business’s needs. 

Are you ready to chat? Call us at +64 9-218 4546, or visit our website to get in touch. We’d be happy to answer any further questions you have for us. 

Trust Fitout Solutions to make your workplace more comfortable and beautiful for you and your team.