17 July 2023

The Foundation Of Sustainability In The Workplace

The business world is constantly changing and adapting to our society. As our goals and focuses change, we can see how these changes are reflected in New Zealand’s office layouts and workplace practices.

A few very important values that many Kiwis and responsible people worldwide hold are sustainability, inclusivity and diversity. More people have recognised the great importance of these things in the past few years, and it’s vital that workplaces adapt to make their spaces better for the world and for the diligent people who work hard every day.

But it’s one thing to say that you value sustainability; it’s another to act on your words.

How To Promote Sustainability And Inclusivity In Your Workplace

Staff members will notice when their employers put in the effort to create a better environment, and they’re sure to appreciate it. Employees who feel cared for are far more likely to be less stressed, work harder and be more productive. 

Businesses that can create a sustainable and inclusive workplace are more likely to be successful down the track.

What exactly do these two terms mean?

Sustainability. Sustainability is about creating a workplace that is environmentally friendly and responsible. This means using energy-efficient practices, recycling materials and doing whatever you can to reduce waste. It also means creating a workplace that is comfortable and healthy for employees.

Inclusivity. Inclusivity is about creating a workplace that is inclusive of people of all backgrounds and statuses. This means welcoming people from different cultures, races, genders, conditions and abilities. It also means creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and respected.

Promoting sustainability and inclusivity is important for both your company and your valued employees because:

  • It Will Increase Productivity. Unsurprisingly, employees who work in sustainable and inclusive workplaces are more productive. When you feel welcomed and appreciated, you’re more likely to be engaged and motivated in your work. This will surely boost your company’s reputation and profits!
  • It Will Improve Customer Satisfaction. Customers are more likely to do business with sustainable and inclusive companies. If you show that you care about more than money and success, people will notice and be more likely to trust you. Who wants to support a company that doesn’t care about the world?
  • It Will Reduce Risk. Sustainable and inclusive businesses are less likely to be exposed to risks such as discrimination lawsuits and environmental fines.

Clever Design Tips For Making Sure Your Workplace Is The Best It Can Be

As you can see, ensuring your workplace is as sustainable and inclusive as possible benefits everyone. Everyone, from your newest employee to the head of your company, can benefit from these smart choices. 

What can you do to make your workplace better with smart office design?

Offer Workplace Flexibility. When many of us think of a standard office, we might imagine boring cubicles and desks organised in rows or squares. This might be what we think of when hearing the words ‘typical office,’ but that doesn’t mean these spaces are welcoming or effective. 

Instead of creating a rigid, claustrophobic workplace, consider offering your employees the freedom of flexibility. This means designing a layout that lets employees choose where they will work. 

For example, they could choose to work at a normal desk or a quieter space to help them concentrate. Your workplace should have different areas for different tasks and moods to encourage people to stay comfortable. 

You should also choose furniture and items that improve comfort.

Choose Furniture And Goods Made From Sustainable Materials. When choosing new furniture or working with an office fitout company to improve your space, be sure to make smart choices. 

Look for goods made from sustainable materials supplied by companies who do their best to reduce waste and emissions. This choice may seem small, but it has a huge impact.

Choose Energy-Efficient Lighting. Everyone in your workplace needs light to see. However, that doesn’t mean you need to resort to lights that waste energy and cost a fortune to keep on. Look for lighting options and clever lighting design that focuses on energy efficiency.

Go Paperless. We use technology for everything now, so going paperless is a smart and easy choice for many companies. Digitising your documents is an easy way to save paper while making your life and the lives of your employees a little easier. 

If your office does need to use paper, be sure you recycle as much paper (and other recyclable materials you use) as possible.

One Easy Step You Can Take To Make Your Workplace More Visually Appealing, Welcoming And Inclusive

There’s a very straightforward way to make your workplace better for you, your team, your customers and the world – speak to us at Fitout Solutions. We’ve improved hundreds of different New Zealand spaces, including workplaces like yours.

We’d be thrilled to speak with you about what you want out of your office’s design. We can discuss your values and your goals to determine the best way we can make your workplace better than ever before. Please email us on [email protected] or visit our website’s convenient contact page to start the process.

Fitout Solutions can make your workplace more welcoming and productive to promote a better working environment.