26 September 2023

Forcing Employees Back To The Office Won’t Retain Talent – Here’s What Will

Employees Back to the Office

Employee retention is more important than ever in today’s competitive job market. You want to find amazing employees who work hard, and you want them to stay with your company for a very long time. 

This can be difficult because experienced, qualified employees often have several options for where they can work. They are more likely to stay with a company that offers them a great work environment that fits their needs. 

How can you improve employee retention? Investing in a smart office design for your workplace is a great way. A well-designed office can significantly help employees be more productive, engaged and satisfied with their careers. 

Can A Good Office Layout Really Improve Employee Retention?

The state of your workplace can have a significant effect on your employees. Naturally, people who work in a clean and well-designed environment are far more likely to be happy and productive when compared to people who are working in an uncomfortable space. 

By designing your space with a purpose, you show your hard-working team that you genuinely care about them. This can encourage your team to be more productive by giving them a space where they can be comfortable and happy. An office redesign can help improve your team’s mental health, which will, in turn, help them be more productive and put out better results efficiently. 

Tips For Creating A Comfortable And Productive Work Environment

What can you do to improve your office? Here is a comprehensive guide on how to use smart workplace design to improve employee retention:

Create A Variety Of Workspaces. Employees have different work styles and preferences. Some people prefer to work in quiet spaces, while others prefer to work in collaborative spaces. By creating a variety of workspaces, you can give employees the flexibility to choose the workspace that best suits their needs.

For example, you could create a quiet space for employees who need to focus on deep work, such as writing or coding. You could also create collaborative spaces for employees who need to work together on projects, such as meeting rooms or brainstorming areas.

Provide Access To Natural Light. Wonderful natural light has been shown to improve mood, productivity and even sleep quality. When designing your workspace, try to maximise the amount of natural light that enters the space. 

Using windows and skylights rather than solid walls can open up your space and make it more inviting. You can also use lighter colours for your walls to reflect more light.

Use Biophilic Design Elements. Biophilic design is the practice of incorporating gorgeous natural elements into the built environment. This can include plants, natural materials and even water features. Biophilic designs have been shown to reduce stress, improve cognitive function and boost creativity. 

There are so many ways to incorporate biophilic design elements into your workspace. For example, you could add plants to your office, use natural materials such as wood and stone or install a water feature like a fountain or an aquarium.

Remember to research maintenance if you choose anything involving living things, like plants or aquariums. These will need care to stay healthy and beautiful, so if you know you won’t have time to give them the care they need, choose low-maintenance options or don’t choose them at all. 

Create A Comfortable And Inviting Space. Overall, your space should be a pleasant place to be. Your workspace should be a place where employees and guests feel comfortable and welcome. This means creating a space that is clean, tidy and well-organised. 

It also means providing amenities such as comfortable seating, break rooms and kitchens.

One way to create a comfortable space is to use soft furnishings like rugs and cushions. You can also add lovely personal touches, like photos, plants and art, to make the space feel more homey.

Work With Professional Designers. If you don’t have much experience with interior design or office design, then you may be wondering how you can change your office to improve employee retention. Understanding the tips in this article is one thing, but implementing them is another. 

If you truly want the best results, you can work with a professional fitout company to expertly enhance your office space. You can tell them about the needs and wants of yourself and your team and they’ll design a fantastic office layout for your specific team. 

How You Can Make Your Office A Wonderful Place To Work

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