12 June 2023

Space Optimization Trends To Advance Your Assets

Space optimisation is a very important part of making any space work. Whether you’re managing an office, commercial property or any other kind of space in Aotearoa, creative design can be the difference between an area that’s cluttered and unpleasant and a space that flows like a dream. 

Some may think that using your space wisely is easy at first. All you do is organise your furniture to save room, right? 

Well, not exactly. Making the most of your commercial space is heaps more complicated than that and can involve everything from rearranging your furniture to utilising modern technology. 

What can you do to ensure your NZ space is well-designed?

Why Is Space Optimisation So Important, Anyway?

Before we get into the amazing trends that people are using to get the most out of any room, we should discuss why space optimisation is essential:

  • It Can Increase Productivity. Most employees believe that fantastic office design leads to increased productivity, and they’re right! You should know that employees are usually more productive and far less stressed when they’re in a comfortable and efficient workspace. 
  • Reduced Costs. Being smart with your money is a major part of managing any commercial space, so this perk should be enough to convince most people. Space optimisation can help you reduce your costs in a number of ways. For example, you may be able to downsize your space, saving you on rent and utilities. You might also save money on furniture and equipment.
  • Improved Employee Morale. Who wants to work in a messy, cluttered room that’s a pain to move around in? When employees are happy with their workspace, they’re more likely to be engaged and motivated. This can lead to improved morale, less stress and happier teams.

Clever Space Optimisation Tactics That Can Help You Improve Any New Zealand Commercial Space

Now that you know why you should enhance your space optimisation, you now need to know how you can do just that. 

Consider the following:

Activity-Based Working. One important trend is activity-based working, which is a design method that allows employees to choose an area that best suits their needs at the time. They can choose from a traditional desk, a standing desk, a quiet booth or a welcoming collaborative space instead of being confined to their own little desk.

Activity-based working can greatly improve productivity by allowing employees to work in an area that is conducive to their individual working styles. Sometimes, it’s a lot easier to work when you’re comfortable. 

Flexible Furniture. Flexible furniture is designed to be easily moved and rearranged, allowing people to create a more adaptable workspace. This furniture can be a great way to create different zones in your office to adhere to your team members. 

This control over furniture can allow people to make quiet areas, collaborative areas and more.

Sustainable Design. This trend is gaining heaps of momentum in New Zealand. Sustainable design is all about creating an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient place. People all over the globe are recognising the importance of going green, so using eco-friendly options can give everyone a morale boost while doing your part for the world. 

Doing so could involve using recycled materials, installing energy-efficient lighting or incorporating green space into your interior design. 

Technology-Enabled Spaces. Technology-enabled spaces are becoming much more common in New Zealand. These spaces are designed to take advantage of the latest and greatest technology, such as video conferencing, smart lighting and even clever mobile apps. 

Technology-enabled spaces can help to improve collaboration, communication and productivity. There are heaps of different types of applications, programs and more that are specifically designed to improve commercial spaces; use them to your advantage!

Wellness-Focused Design. People who feel happy and safe are far more likely to work hard and put genuine effort into their tasks. Wellness-focused design is all about creating an office space that is conducive to employee health and well-being. This could involve incorporating natural light, providing access to healthy food or creating quiet spaces for calm relaxation. 

Incorporating beauty, colour and art into your space can also make everyone feel more welcome. Gorgeous works of art and lovely colour choices can make any space feel so much more pleasant to be in.

Regardless of what kind of space you’re fitting out, always consider using beautiful art, colours or other visuals to make your area look nicer.

One Simple Step To Ensure Your Space Is Welcoming, Beautiful And Effective

How can you perfectly optimise your commercial space? Luckily, this step is easy – just contact us at Fitout Solutions. We’re a team of experienced people who are passionate about creating unique, inviting spaces. 

We can help all kinds of New Zealand spaces, including offices, shops, restaurants and more.

Would you like some examples? Visit our website to see our projects page, where you can see the amazing spaces we’ve worked on. If you see anything you like, please feel free to ask if we could do something similar for you. 

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